Samah Salaime is a social worker who founded AWC as part of a personal mission to end the so-called “honor killings” that have taken the lives of so many women, including those in Ramla and Lod. Samah was a fellow at the prestigious Mandel School for Educational Leadership in 2013-2014. In January of 2018, Samah was listed as one of the top ten most influential activists by Yedioth Ahronoth. She has a BSW and MSW in social work in the social policy and administration track, with a specialization in gender studies from the Hebrew University. She is a researcher and activist in gender education in the Palestinian society, in social entrepreneurship and in majority-minority relationships.

Haya Abu-Kishek is a Palestinian, born and raised in the mixed city of Lod; Haya obtained her bachelor’s in Social Work at Tel Aviv University. Her previous community organizing experience focused on youth mobilization and children at risk from a different cultural and religious background. As a member of the Arab-Palestinian minority Israel, she is deeply connected to her home community. Haya is a fellow at ICAN (International Community network program), a two-year Fellowship at Mcgill University in Montreal and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to persons in the forefront of civil society and social justice in Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. 

Goni Ketain Meiri is an Israeli from Tel Aviv who started her career in Photography. She obtained her bachelor at the School of Social work at the Hebrew University and has been working with children at risk at a family group home and in a halfway house for released prisoners and often encouraging them to use the arts as a vehicle for expressing their emotions. Goni is also an ICAN fellow.