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International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

You can’t liberate land but not women



Samah Salaime was recently interview (in Hebrew) for the Shatil podcast SHIFT

The Real Reason We Can’t Let Them Visit

The American Muslim congresswomen apparently have a secret weapon: grandmothers.

Let Us Work Together

Samah Salaime delivered a commencement speech at a graduation ceremony of the Open University:

Good evening. Twenty-three years ago I stood at the gates of the Hebrew University with tears in my eyes, waiting for my parents who were on their way to attend my graduation ceremony for my BA in social work.


Racism and prejudice are not just the lot of Ethiopians living in poor neighborhoods or other marginal groups. Racism crosses all layers of the population; it is part of Israeli society and is embedded in the structure of its government.

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