We call ourselves Na’am“yes” in Arabic. We chose this name because our goal is to promote a “yes we can!” sentiment in the hearts and minds of Arab women.

This means claiming for ourselves the right to say no: no to violence against women; no to the obstacles that keep women from reaching their full potential; no to policies that prevent Arab women in Israel from receiving the full benefits of our lawful rights.

And we say yes: yes to self-determination and the freedom to create our own wonderful futures; yes to dignity and to social justice; yes to the active participation of Arab women in our communities, in Israeli society, and in the decision-making that directly impacts the course of our lives.

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Every year, dozens of women are murdered in Israel; the murder of Arab women is on the rise. Arab women are paying a heavy price for sectorial violence. In the state of Israel, the Arab murderers of women are not arrested, jailed or brought to justice. While 100% of the men accused of killing Jewish women are indicted, some 80% of the murderers of Arab women are not even caught. Under the Israeli justice system, four times as many Arab women are murdered as their counterparts in the general population. This percentage is higher than that of any Arab country, and the killers still go free.... Keeping women safe, helping them protect their families, women helping women -- this was the rationale behind the establishment of Na'am. We have come a long way, but there is much still to accomplish...... Na'am-AWC is headquartered in Lod, Israel..... Mahanot Kafrisin 7, Lod, Israel, 7121326

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Working to strengthen the status of marginalized women and combat gender-based violence in central cities of Israel


Na’am-AWC is completely independent, and relies on the support of volunteers, donors and non-governmental foundations. With a grass-roots, local, feminist approach, Na’am has built ties to the communities and to those fighting for equal rights across the region. For example, a women’s rights center and hot line was recently established in collaboration with the Israel Women’s Network. 


We recognize the fact that women’s issues are complex — they begin with families and extend to the law-makers as well as its enforcers. Women who want to define, for themselves, what it means to be a Palestinian woman living in a mixed-Jewish-Arab city in Israel often face resistance at home, prejudice in society and discrimination in the workplace or in obtaining municipal services. Na’am, therefore has set up an ambitious set of programs to address all of these issues. From gender education and extending help to individual women, to creating a crafts cooperative that helps women obtain financial independence, to lobbying in the Knesset. 

Founded in 2009 by Samah Salaime, a social worker who has become an award-winning, outspoken spokeswomen Palestinian women’s rights, for the past decade, Na’am has been the source of help and hope to hundreds of women, teens and girls. 

Samah Salaime

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